Interpreting Data

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The Interpreting Data section assesses the candidate’s ability to understanding from graphically/tabular represented data, perform rudimentary statistical calculations, solve problems and make reasoned inferences. The statistical concepts covered in this section include Mean, median, mode, basic standard deviation, trend lines, quartiles, Normal Distribution, and percentiles.

The test is an adaptive test that varies the difficulty of the questions based on the current performance of the candidate, thereby zeroing in on a fairly definitive numeric measure on the candidate. The result of this section is given in TruScore & percentiles.  

What does this section measure?

  • Understanding from graphically/tabular presented data
  • Basic statistics
  • Making reasoned inferences based on the data

Where to use this test?

Most modern roles require candidates to be data savvy. This is the test that is designed to measure that. So this test is relevant in all places where you require your candidates to be proficient in understanding data and making reasoned inferences from it.

For example,

  • Finance Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Product Management
  • Marketing  

Please avoid using this test for roles that doesn't demand data savviness. Please use our data-driven pre-sets for best results.

Subjects Covered

  • Mean, Median & mode
  • Percentiles & Quartiles
  • Understanding of Standard deviation
  • Normal Distribution

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